Safely share
your screen
with one click

Avoid embarrassing stuff while presenting. Notifications, desktop icons, apps and more.

macOS 10.15 ++

Presentation modeHide desktop iconsDisable notificationsHide active appsMute speakersChange wallpaper

PliimPRO is magical whether you are about to join a meeting, and if you are already in one, too.

Mute your mic

Easily mute yourself with a persistent touchbar icon or with a customised shortcut m, so you don't need to go looking for your meeting tab.

Image from the Macbook Touchbar with mute persistent mute icon

Be more professional
Built to be lightning fast

300x faster

PliimPRO is a native macOS application. It runs faster than other versions built with web technologies. Click and go.

Zoom, Hangout, Messenger, Skype, Apperin, Cisco Logos

Ready to go with any meeting software

Because it works at the operating system level, Pliim, by default, is ready for every software.

Option + Click shortcut

Context agnostic. With one click, you are ready to share your screen, without having to find, close or move any windows and apps.

Always ready to shine

Take your presentations to the next level and have control of what you are presenting. Instantly. At any time.

Tweet from 2017 launching the first version of Pliim

The beginning

In 2017, I had the idea to create Pliim to avoid repeating the same actions, everyday, when presenting my work to my colleagues. I've opened the code and, ever since, the app has been growing a lot.

Fast forward to 2020, Pliim has a great community and loving users. Still, I felt that something was missing and started to rewrite the entire application. The open source version will be always free and open. But for users who want a more reliable and fast experience, we have now PliimPRO.

— Zeh Fernandes

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Life-time license

  • License for 1 computer
  • Hide desktop icons
  • Disable notifications
  • Hide active apps
  • Mute speakers
  • Change wallpaper
  • Mute microphone
  • Constant updates
  • Support included

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